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Best budget Crossfit Jump Ropes

Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope

Adjustable 10 ft. long durable solid rubber rope. Molded handles with foam grips and sealed ball bearings for even rotation.

Consumer Reports
  • “Very easy to adjust the length of the rope.” – Alex Vastartis
  • “So I’m going to have to remove the metal end that is crimped on the end of the rope and re-crimp it at the desired length.” – D. Davis
  • “The handles are comfortable to hold and the rope turns very nicely with the handles.” – Mommy of Two

Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope with EXTRA Replacement Cord
Buddy Lee

The Buddy Lee Hyperformance Aero Speed is aesthetically the Rolls Royce of Jump Ropes and represents the latest in innovation of all jump ropes. It was voted “the smoothest, fastest, and best-balanced rope, period” by Men’s Health and was also featured in Men’s Fitness and Men’s Muscle.

Product Comparisons
  • “Buddy Lee is a jump rope ninja this rope is awesome!” – Allison Verley
  • “I recommend this jump rope.” – Jordan Churder
  • “The length is (fairly) easy to adjust, the “rope” itself is the perfect weight, and the spinning action is so smooth that it makes jumping rope almost pleasurable!” – Happy Elizabeth

Jump Rope Especially Designed for Crossfit Training and to Master Double-Unders at High Speed - Adjustable Length Makes It the Perfect Speed Jump Rope for Both Adults and Kids, Great for Workouts and Exercise Routines - Videos & Manual Are Included with Your Purchase.

They laughed when they saw me enter the gym-but when I started to jump…

Product Reviews
  • “Highly recommend this to anyone that crossfits or really anyone that wants a great cardio workout.” – Amy
  • “Light weight and very strong.” – mad cow
  • “It is also very easy to adjust to fit your height and the instructions are easy to follow.” – smpcarr

ProSource Discounts Speed Cable Jump Rope, Black, 10-Feet
ProSource Discounts, Inc.

ProSource super fast, speed, cable rope is a must have for everyone. This rope will make crossing moves, double under, and even triple under easier and fun.

Crossfit Jump Ropes Reviews
  • “Works as well as those priced much higher.” – Henry Schwatzman
  • “It is very light and fast.” – Fabio Arakaki
  • “Easy to adjust cable length.” – Xfit dude

Neptune Crossfit Ultra Cable Speed Jump Rope - Black

Our New Cable Speed Ropes are lightning fast and are the #1 choice for competitive jump rope athletes!!
Used to break the US National and World Speed Records.

Product Research
  • “The jump rope is light and quick.” – Jaime
  • “This is a great start to any Cross fit kit.” – Diamond
  • “The adjustability is easy.” – A. Gooch

GoFit Combat Rope with Exercise Training Manual (1.5-Inch Diameter/40-Feet Long, Black)

The GoFit Combat Rope is designed to provide a challenging strength and cardio workout. Great for sports performance training, CrossFit, boot camp training and more.

Customer Reviews
  • “Gives a great workout as you would expect a combat rope to.” – Amazonian
  • “The workout is great, and better for me than most other things I’ve tried.” – Sound the Trumpet
  • “The handles are nice.” – M. Lee

Training Ropes
Perform Better
Product Ratings
  • “Really works the upper body and torso nicely while engaging the lungs.” – D. MCKICHAN
  • “Still highly recommend for quality and effectiveness.” – Melissa B. Williams
  • “Thirty feet is plenty and the one and half inch is aquate.” – Monty

Suggestions of the Best crossfit jump ropes

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